Why Wag Wins Handmade Dog Treats are Different

Why Wag Wins Handmade Dog Treats are Different

For many of us, we go about our daily lives and don’t really investigate how things are produced. And pet food is no exception.

Of course, we have to be careful not to generalize, but unfortunately many of the following concerns about the content of pet food are undeniably true, except for Wag Wins!
At Wag Wins, all products are handmade and used with human grade ingredients, meaning there is nothing contained you would be giving your dog that you wouldn’t mind being tempted to eat yourself. In fact, all Wag Wins products are not only handmade, but wheat-free, grain-free, lactose-free and vegan. So, actually Wag Wins handmade dog treats are likely to be healthier and more nutritious than your own human snacks. All Wag Wins recipes are developed by a Leiths School of Food & Wine trained chef, with a diploma in pet nutrition, and a passion for healthy dogs!

So, let’s look at what some popular pet food contains, that Wag Wins is free-from:

  • They contain mysterious “meat by-products”
  • Dangerous chemical is often inside like: sodium pentobarbital, herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides
  • Hormones used for animal growth are not destroyed by high temperatures or pressure cooking

You can read even more disturbing dog food facts here. However, I think you start to see how your pets are not eating as well as you might think. And that is quite scary.

Some Pet Foods Are Ok (like Wag Wins), but…
On the other hand, some companies aim to provide somewhat higher quality pet food. They promote or claim to be using “real” meat (or fish/chicken), which is great, but this then raises the question of world protein production as a whole. And we all know this is something that is causing us problems already. That’s why Wag Wins is a tail-wagging winner, being vegan and free-from containing any meat or animal by-products, including no eggs and honey!

Should we then pay closer attention to the facts and figures surrounding worldwide pet populations? Of course, because their food has to be added to the overall food production costs that we as humans incur.

So how many pets are there in the world?
In the EU alone there are quite a staggering number, so we when you talk about food production numbers, we are talking serious amounts of protein for pet foods too.

After learning all the above facts, starting to consider the addition of controlled and certified vegan-based dog treats in your pet’s daily diet would be a relief, rather than awkward, right? Another very good reason to order all your dog treats from wagwins.co.uk, or sign up to one of our monthly subscription boxes, supplying you with enough vegan and wheat-free treats for every month!

Vegan Dog Treats: Is it a Viable Alternative?

Using vegan dog treats consider the resource savings that can be had when not using fish, meat, dairy or animal by-products.

By using Wag Wins gluten-free vegan handmade dog treats you will:

  • save our ever-diminishing fish stock for future generations
  • use less water (unlike that needed to produce wasteful products like beef)
  • produce less greenhouse gases
  • farm less crops to feed the animals we need for meat

And the benefit list goes on and on.

Vegan-based dog treats is the future way to support a human and dog-friendly sustainable lifestyle. Wag Wins handmade dog treats are definitely a sustainable paw-step forward, just try a pack on your dog yourself to see if their tail wags!

It is time we started considering the alternatives, right? Visit www.wagwins.co.uk to find your dog some tail-wagging treats!

So, are you going to ignore all of this and continue on as if nothing is happening?

I know it is not easy. You are probably thinking:

  • I am just a pet owner
  • I am not a farmer
  • I live in the city/country
  • It is a conflict of interest for me

and so forth and so on.

But perhaps the simplest thing you can do is to start supporting companies, like Wag Wins who are producing vegan dog treat products at www.wagwins.co.uk or via the Wag Wins Shop on Etsy: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/WagWins

The choice is in your hands (or paws)!

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