Wag Wins Top Tricks to Train your Dog this Easter!

Wag Wins Top Tricks to Train your Dog this Easter!

Find an area to work with your dog that is free from distractions. By removing your dog from a noisy or busy location, you can help it to focus and learn your tricks quickly.

Never train your dog for more than fifteen minutes at a time. This can cause your dog to become frustrated and hinder training efforts.

When you train your dog, you will be rewarding them with treats until they learn how to master their trick. So, use high-rewarding dog treats from Wag Wins, that contain healthy natural ingredients that are grain-free, vegan friendly, low in fat whilst still smelling and tasting great! What a dog might call ‘wag-a-licious’ …a treat for a well deserved trick!

1). “Paws-Up” or “High Five”

  • Take one of Wag Wins Coconut & Oat Paw treats and hold it in a closed fist.
  • Present the hand with the treat to your dog, allowing the dog to become aware of the treat you are holding. Wait patiently for your dog to paw at your hand.
  • Hold the treat around four or five inches away from your dog’s nose.
  • Reward the dog once he/she paws at your hand. This reinforces the behaviour that you are trying to train. Don’t grab your dog’s paw and try to force the “paws-up” or “high-five”.
  • Once your dog begins to paw at your hand, trying to get the treat, you can start to introduce the “paws-up” or “high-five” command. Instead of presenting a closed fist with the treat held within, offer your hand in the high-five position.
  • Wait patiently for your dog to paw your open palm.
  • Once the dog high-fives your hand, say “Paws-Up” or “High-Five” and reward your dog with praise and a Wag Wins handmade dog treat.


2). “Sniff & Find” … the Wag Wins bunny biscuits

  • Using some delicious smelling Easter dog biscuits, like Wag Wins Carrot & Carob Bunny Biscuits, close your fist around a biscuit and hold against your dog’s nose.
  • Say the command “sniff” for them to pick up the scent.
  • Then, go in another room, out of the dog’s sight and scatter the biscuits around the room/garden to make a bunny biscuit treasure hunt for your dog.
  • Come back into the room with your dog, and say the command “find!”.
  • Repeat this process 2-3 times and you’ll soon notice your dog understand the words “Sniff & Find” as a new game to play with you, with your dog hunting out the Easter bunny!


3). “Hop”

  • Begin by placing your dog in a sitting position, and then place a treat above your dog’s head.
  • Next, you move your hand upward and toward your dog’s back. The goal is to get your dog’s front legs off the ground. As soon as this happens, reward your dog immediately. Continue to reward your dog while gradually moving the treat higher and higher.
  • The final goal is to get your dog to stand tall on the tip of its toes. Make sure that your dog doesn’t put its paws on you when doing this trick; your dog should learn to balance itself without your help.
  • Practice this exercise at least twenty times. Your dog should be comfortable in this position before moving on.
  • Once you can easily lure your dog into the stand tall position, the next step is to begin conditioning a hand signal.
  • Once you can consistently signal your dog to stand tall and you have refined your hand signal to the degree of perfection you want, you can begin conditioning the verbal command “Hop”. Saying your “Hop” just before you give your hand signal easily accomplishes this. However, it is important that you leave a small pause between the two so your dog learns that verbal command “Hop” is what will trigger the hand signal.
  • You really must say “Hop,” and give your hand signal after. Practice this at least twenty times, and then start testing your dog’s understanding of the command.

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