Monthly Dog Treats from Wag Wins

Homemade dog treats made with fresh, healthy ingredients

At Wag Wins, we believe providing your dog with healthy, wholesome treats should be simple, and a guilt free reward to give. That is why we provide delicious human grade, digestive aiding treats for your dog via a super straightforward subscription service!

No need to run out of stock and run to the shop, you can have your treats delivered direct to your dog…it might even make the dog love the postman!


Wag Wins have put together 4 weeks of special, handmade treats for your dog enough for one rewarding, tasty treat every day of the week. All our products are gluten-free, wheat-free, grain-free and vegan. Even the cheesy tail twizzlers are lactose free & vegan. Products only contain natural ingredients and use no artificial colourings, additives or preservatives. That’s why Wag Wins is fresh, healthy and full of tail wagging goodness!!!


Character Cookies

Give your dog a tail wagging treat everyday of the week with a pack of 7 individual handmade Character Cookies - delicious and handmade by Katie


Vegan Cheesy Smilies

A yummy selection of 7 healthy individual, lactose-free, vegan Cheesy Smilies which are bound to set your dog’s chops drooling and tail wagging


Fresh Breath Biscuits

A scrumptious selection of 7 individual Fresh Breath Biscuits made of natural ingredients and oils - tasty loveliness and good for doggies breath too


Our Favourites

A selection of the original 7 Wag Winning Treats. Our signature goodies that we’ve tried and tasted ourselves. Full of healthy wholesome yumminess


By subscribing to Wag Wins you will receive a yummy box of handmade treats to give to your faithful friend - delivered straight to your door.

So you will both have something special to look forward to every week!

£12.00 / month

Order a Sample Box


Wag Wins aims to make every dogs tail wag from being given healthy handmade treats delivered straight to the door.

Our dedicated sample box will contain a selection of 7 different items and will be delivered to your door.

Try our treats or gift a box to a friend.

Each box is £10 per gift box. (+ P&P)


Create a Pick 'n' Mix Box


The Wag Wins Pick 'n' Mix Box contains a selection of 7 handmade tasty dog treats for you to pick & create your own Wag Wins mixture, making it the perfect treat box to send a friend!

At Wag Wins, we believe providing your dog with healthy, wholesome treats should be simple, and a guilt free reward to give and recieve.

Order a Birthday Box


Cheese & Flaxseed Birthday Bone Cake or individual Pupcakes, with either a (pink) potato & beetroot icing, or a (orange) sweet potato icing.

Each Birthday comes with a party hat and birthday card.

Serves 8-12 dogs, or you can have 8 individual pupcakes, or 12 mini pupcakes (if you have a miniature dog like a dachshund).

Wag Wins hand deliver the £25.00 Birthday Box, so local orders around Wiltshire, Bath & Somerset only.

Gluten-free, wheat-free, grain-free and vegan friendly

A Birthday Box full of Dog Treats for my Dog

Seaside Picnic Treats


Wag Wins Seaside Picnic Treats are the perfect tasty morsels to take with you for a dog to enjoy a picnic by the seaside!

Each picnic parcel includes 12 medium-large handmade fish and crab shaped biscuits, flavoured with peanut butter and banana!  Using only human grade ingredients, also suitable for a dog's digestion. The peanut butter used contains no added sugar, salt or xylitol - meaning it's safe for any dogs diet!
All Wag Wins Handmade dog treats are dairy-free, wheat-free, grain-free, gluten-free and vegan you can be rest assured your dog with have a happy tummy with a wagging tail when treated with Wag Wins handmade dog treats!

Now, there really is no excuse why you can't let your dog join in the picnic at the beach, riverside, waterfront or wherever it may be you go this summer! Dogs are a human's best friend after all! (at least that's what we think at Wag Wins!)

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