When Only a Dog Book Will Do: Ten Great Books by Dog Lovers for Dog Lovers!

When Only a Dog Book Will Do: Ten Great Books by Dog Lovers for Dog Lovers!

Whether you’re kicking back in the shade with a book or relaxing on your sofa with your dog, there are times when only a dog book will do. Luckily, there are a myriad of authors who love dogs as much as we all do.

While this list only scrapes the surface, here are a few of Wag Wins favourite dog stories:


Open and Shut by David Rosenfelt
Part of an ongoing series featuring lawyer/detective Andy Carpenter, his golden retriever, and an ever-changing parade of other dogs. Rosenfelt promises the golden, Tara, will never die.

Killing Trail by Margaret Mizushima
Book one of the Timber Creek K-9 Mystery Series introduces Colorado police officer Mattie Cobb and her K-9 partner Robo and provides an in-depth look at the complexities of the human-canine team.

 Wunderdog Magazine by Nina Camplin
Wunderdog is a new independent magazine for underdogs and wonderdogs. Wunderdog tells the stories of rescue dogs and their people. Find plenty of very good dogs and humans, whose stories will inspire you to get involved and hug your own rescue dog(s) even more.

A View to Die For by Richard Houston
Book one in the series combines the story of an ordinary man with that of an extraordinary dog as Jacob Martin and his golden retriever travel from Colorado to the Ozarks to solve a murder that has landed Jake’s sister in a jail cell.

Dog on It by Spencer Quinn
A human/canine detective duo with a twist. The narrator is Chet, private investigator Bernie Little’s mixed-breed partner. Chet flunked out of K-9 school, which he blames on the distractions posed by several cats. In his alternative career, he delivers his first-person (first-dog?) account with biting wit. A New York Times best-selling series.

The White Shepherd by Annie Dalton
Fans of British television mysteries could not be faulted were they to fear early morning walks with their dogs, who always seem to be sniffing out murdered corpses. But the human/canine pairs then vanish, never to be heard from again. Annie Dalton’s Oxford Dog Walker’s series focuses on white German Shepherd Bonnie who discovers a body in the undergrowth. Bonnie and her person, Anna Hopkins, team up with fellow dogwalkers to follow up their discovery set the police’s wayward investigation straight.

Inside OF A Dog by Alexandra Horowitz
Inside of a Dog is a most welcome authoritative, personal, and witty book about what it is like to be a dog. This engaging volume serves as a corrective to the many myths that circulate about just who our canine companions are.

Address to Die For by Mary Feliz
Featuring a golden retriever, Belle, Address to Die For is the first book in my Maggie McDonald Mystery series. Though the series focuses on professional organizer Maggie McDonald and her efforts to bring order to chaos for her clients, her California town, and life with her family, the books also include a wide array of canine friends.


A Good Man with a Dog by Kate Flora and Roger Guay
Flora and Guay weave a complex tale revealing the real-life experiences of a game garden and his K-9 partners. From tracking hostile poachers to searching for victims of violent crimes their work is backdropped by the remote and chilling beauty of Maine’s remote woodlands.

Dogtripping by David Rosenfelt
The true and often hilarious story of author Rosenfelt’s real-life adventure in moving his family from Southern California to Maine. The challenge? His family includes twenty-five rescue dogs.

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