PUP’s and SUP’s – The Best Watersport with Your Dog Ever!!!

Have you ever heard of Paddle boarding? How about Dog Paddle boarding?
Well believe me, it’s definitely without a doubt one of the most enjoyable activities I’ve ever come across with my dog. Welcome to the world of PUP’s & SUP’s

Trending today as one of the most accessible and emerging sports, paddle boarding combines surfing and paddling to create a fun and relaxed way to travel. Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) can be experienced no matter what your ability, balance or energy level…so there’s no excuse not to give it a try!

Prior to trying it out, I had seen the activity mentioned in magazines with amazing enticing photographs, talked about and shared about on social media. However, living in the countryside in Wiltshire, it’s not like I had a beach on my doorstep so I didn’t know where to start looking to experiment my bucket list activity. Then…along came a post off the DoghouseBOA Facebook page @DoghouseBOA announcing they had teamed up with Original Wild @OriginalWildUK to run a day of dog paddle boarding in my home town, Bradford on Avon. So, no need to guess what happened in the next 5 minutes before I got out of bed in the early morning…I signed up!

I was extremely privileged to have the opportunity to go paddle boarding with my fox red Labrador, Rosie (the Wag Wins chief) as we paddled down the river together in Bradford on Avon. Not only was this activity super-extremely fun (…prior to the day I fully anticipated to be in the river 95% of the time with a fully-grown Labrador on the front my board causing us to capsize). However, ‘paws’ right there my ‘dog furiendly’ people because Rosie ‘pawsed’ me wrong, she was totally ace! She sat and stood perfectly on the front of my board as we glided along the river towards the Avoncliff aqueduct. Only once when we turned around to paddle back downstream, Rosie jumped up to give me a kiss on my face and we both lost balance before splashing into the refreshing water whilst laughing and wagging to our hearts content with the rest of the group applauding!

Upon paddling back up stream to base, you wouldn’t understand just how beautiful the view ahead of us was. Rosie and me were so lucky to see another side of Bradford on Avon with the most stunning river views that led ahead of us. Paddle boarding is not only a super fun, trendy and upcoming activity, but also very therapeutic, calming and a great gentle, social exercise to carry out on the water!

For more information to book a course or buy your dog a Ruffwear Life Jacket, just visit www.doghouseboa.co.ukor pay their shop a visit in Bradford on Avon.

The course includes all equipment, such as your paddle board, paddle, dog life jacket, human life jacket, first aid trainer, fully trained paddle board instructors and professional photos are all included in the price (which I might just add is a very reasonable price too! So much so, I’m going to do it again next month).Visit https://doghouseboa.co.uk/collections/events/products/stand-up-paddleboarding-14th-july-boato book your place or email Ruth on mail@doghouseboa.co.uk

And for more information on not only paddle boarding courses, but other actives too around Bath and Bradford on Avon, visit www.originalwild.com

If you follow my recommendation, feel free to tag us in your pics, as Wag Wins would be delighted to see your feedback stories too! Simply post to @WagWinsUK or email on wagwinsuk@gmail.comif you don’t do social media

See you soon, and keep those tails wagging by feeding your dog with Wag Wins handmade dog treats! www.wagwins.co.uk/shop






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