Wag Wins Dogs Treat Shop

If you’re looking for a guilt-free dog treat to entertain your pooch, you’ve come to the pawfect place! Our nutritious & delicious dog treats will tickle their taste buds, and you can be rest assured they’re both tasty and healthy!
Health and digestion are just as important to us as taste and smell…that’s why we’re called ‘Wag Wins’, and why our treats are suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs whilst being tail-wagging tasty to enjoy.
All our treats are made from 100% natural human grade and gut friendly ingredients and avoid common allergens like gluten, grains and dairy.

Wag Wins Nutritious & Delicious Dog Treats:
Vegan, Grain Free, Handmade, Coconut Oil, Made in the UK, 100% Plastic Free, Organic Flaxseed, No Added Sugars or Salts, Natural Human-Grade Ingredients, Suitable for Puppies & Dogs from 4 months +, No Preservatives, Additives or Artificial Flavourings.

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